Life coaching, counseling and support therapy for adolescents and adults from John Romprey Couseling in Maine.

About Me

With nearly 20 years of experience working with both adolescents and adults, I welcome the opportunity to meet and facilitate solution-based processes. I believe that any person diligent in working towards change can direct a process to reach their goals of wellness and contentment in their life.


Specializing in:
Anger Management
Stress Management
Life Transitions
Substance Misuse/Abuse

Confidential and Focused on Solutions

It is inevitable that all individuals throughout their lives will encounter varying levels of change in almost every environment they engage in. Change without the necessary supports and resources can result in stress and contribute to anxiety, depression and other challenging concerns.

My hope in working together with individuals is to support them in identifying and creating their own solutions to those challenges interfering with their lives that will ultimately lead to personal satisfaction and success.

Working with or without health insurance plans.

Life Coach

Men's Focus Areas:
Health & Wellness
Educational Endeavors
Professional Development
Leisure Activity
Family & Values

A supportive confidential connection that assists and empowers a person to close the gap between their life today and their goals and aspirations for the future.

Life Coaching is not counseling, nor is it directed by a diagnosis. It is not preoccupied with past setbacks and obstacles. It is centered in removing impediments that stand between the person and the achievement of their potential now and in the future.

  • Life Coaching assists and empowers a person to close the gap between their life today and their goals and aspirations for the future. Life Coaches support and encourage improvement in life's balance thus reducing stress that encompasses all facts of a person's life.

• Life Coaching helps in increasing performance, motivation and results towards personal and professional success. Life Coaching focuses on positive outcomes enabling the person to better define objectives and achieve their goals through the power of commitments.

  • Life Coaching begins with improving self image. You have the control in creating purpose, focus and direction. Along with achieving your full potential you create balance and experience wellness.

  • Life Coaching is affordable, individualized and empowering.

  • My 3R's Program

  • Reflect, Reframe, Resilience

  • Do you know a student who is experiencing a challenging academic year?

  • Are you looking for support that will make the difference for a positive change and success?

There are a myriad of challenges that present from September to June that can adversely affect students. Stressors such as changes in peer group, disappointments in their athletic and extra curricular activities, dating and relationship issues, peer pressure, substance experimentation, academic set backs and various other mitigating concerns that adolescents and young adults need to cope with in an educational setting.

These presenting situations, with support and guidance, can be re-framed as opportunities for self-awarness, personal growth and maturity. Set backs can contribute to future insight and valuable life experiences which can foster resiliency.

Now offering an affordable opportunity to reflect on those challenges, re-frame and re-affirm ones goals to facilitate insight and hope for a successful academic year.



Appointment times available:
Afternoons, Evenings and Saturdays.

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